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All Skins Created by Lunch Meat

04-21-01: .zip files are back up. Had to completely move the site to a tripod server. Let me know if their are any problems with the server.

04-15-01:. .zip files are currently down. They were backed up on a tripod account, but unfortunately that account was deleated. I will try to have the files back online as soon as possible, but unfortunately the computer with the files is bugging out on me so it may be a while. For now just look at the pretty pictures. E-mail me if you want to be messaged when the files are back online, but it may be a while.

01-30-01:Ghost in the Shell skin added.Card Captor Sakura Skin added.

01-21-01:Cat Girl Nuku Nuku skin added.

01-14-01:Tenchi (Washu) skin added.

01-13-01:Gunsmith Cats Skin added. Well just as I figured school has kept me occupied this week. In the future expect all updates to be on weekeds, either I'll only update then, or only have time to make them then

01-07-01:Battle Angle Alita Skin added. Uh oh.. school starts tomorrow so these updates will probably not be as often but I'll continue to make the skins when I have time.

01-05-01:Trigun Skin added.

01-04-01:You're Under Arrest Skin added.

01-03-01:Mahou Tsukai Tai Skin added.

01-02-01:Welcome to my ICQ Skin page. I am just beginning to make skins so there aren't many right now. Although I will try to make more soon. If you have a request for a Skin to an Anime Series send me an E-mail and I'll put it in line to make.And now, on with the Skins.